Our Land

The territory of the Colli Orientali del Friuli, dedicated to the cultivation of the vine.

Approximately 2,300 hectares (i.e. circa 5580 acres) of vineyards stretch along the extreme eastern segment of the province of Udine, on the border with Slovenia.
Here a rich variety of microclimates – cooler and moister in the north, milder and drier in the south – caress ranges of hills, whose position and composition are unique.
Formed about 50 million years ago, from an exclusive mixture of marls (calcareous clays) and sandstones (calcified sands) – called "ponca" in the local dialect - which is particularly benefical for the production of fine wines.
Furthermore, the vicinity of the Adriatic Sea and the protection offered by the Julian Alps against cold northern winds, combined with the all year-long gentle ventilation, provide the special conditions that make Colli Orientali wines different.

Unique characteristics guaranteed but the Consorzio Tutela Denominazione Origine  Vini "Colli Orientali del Friuli" (D.O.C. association) to preserve a tradition that dates back to Ancient Roman times and has been maintained for over two thousand years. In addition, since ever, in Friuli – a land influenced by the peoples who conquered it over the centuries – "good wine" is always associated with "good food".
The fertile land of Friuli is also appreciated for its many food specialties: a good glass of wine is the perfect accompainment to the simple, but yet rich and tasty, local cuisine.