Schioppettino is a wine born from a native vine, with red berries, in an area where Marinig has been growing its own vineyards since 1921.

The Schioppettino wine is also known as Ribolla Nera, and the origin of its name comes from the large and oval grapes, with thick peel, resistant to crushing, which seems "schioppettare" (to pop) in the mouth. Another reason for its name can be found in the refermentation of the wine, that is bottled when young and then becomes slightly fizzy.

Schioppettino has a very intense purplish color and a fresh scent that recalls wild berries. The taste keeps an underbrush aroma and, if aged, acquires spicy and complex nuances, that recall the musk.
It's a wine that pairs with meat and game main courses and mature cheeses.

Serve at 16-18 °C.