Pignolo is an ancient native Friulian grape variety, with black grapes, from which we can obtain a wine with a complex aroma and a vigorous and elegant taste.

Well known and appreciated since 1600, the Pignolo vine finds in the Prepotto area one of the most ideals territories for its cultivation. Its origin is to be found in the vineyeards of the Abbey of Rosazzo. Right there the vine has been saved from its extinction thanks to the work of recovery, at the end of the 70s, that saved the last two remaining vines. Today it's still grown in its origin area. It's name comes from the compactness of the bunch, with small and round grapes.

Pignolo is a ruby red wine. The complexity of its arome reminds spices, officinal herbs and humus, but it's mostly the vigorous, elegant and balanced taste that make this wine a flasghip for Marinig.
It pairs with grilled, game or spicy meats.

Serve at 20 °C.