Pinot Bianco

Pinot Bianco is a great white wine, delicate and velvety, which finds in the Friuli Region an excellent area for its production.

Pinot Bianco vine has French origins, and is the result of a natural bud mutation of Pinot Nero. The Friuli Region is an excellent area for the production of this wine.
The bunches are smal and the grapes are very close one to another; they look like a small pinecone, and probably the name comes from their shape.

Marinig Pinot Bianco D.O.C. is made from monovarietal Pinot Bianco grapes. Its grown using the Guyot and double-arch cane training system, the grapes are harvested by hand in the second decade of September.
Part of the wine ages in steel for ten months and the rest ages in barriques, followed by two months in the bottle.

Pinot Bianco has a straw yellow colour, with a variable intensity. The aroma is reminiscent of apricot, peach, apple and white flowers. The flavour its slightly acidic and velvety. It pairs with cocktails and appetizers., it's suitable also to pair with dishes based on eggs or fish.

Serve at 10-12 °C.